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Mirror behind to adjust the knowledge

Views: Update Time: 2014-04-19 12:17:41

A car Mirror behind, each owner one day to see them no less than the 100 back and forth, but asked one simple question: how do you adjust the rearview mirror of the car? You say come to a why to do? Perhaps each car has different habits, but how to adjust the rearview mirror, there are still some rules.
Has entered the new century, advanced equipment makes the car more intelligent, more secure, located in the side of the car on both sides of the left and right rear-view mirror and in the car the interior central rearview mirror, whether it seems more than an eyesore, no one The car had less.
    There was a lot of concept cars using the camera to grasp the periphery of the car, but seems to function on less than Na Liangpian thin mirror, every production car obediently fitted with rear-view mirror. Left and right rear-view mirror is the one of the main source of driving wind noise, but also because in the outermost position of the body on both sides are particularly vulnerable to collision damage, has long been a lot of Automotive Engineers, want to replace with another with its functions, but so far no one depot to do; Mercedes-Benz, or BMW.
The correct position of the rear-view mirror
So what exactly is in the left, right, and the windshield the center of three Mirror behind how should I adjust? First or the old one, the first standard sitting position adjustment, and again adjust the mirror.
Central Mirror behind: left and right position to adjust to the left edge of the mirror to just cut to the image in the mirror

Right ear, the occasion, which means that, in general driving conditions, from the central rear-view mirror can not see their while upper and lower position is the distant horizon in the mirror can be of central

The left Mirror behind: the next location is the distant horizon at the central, left and right position is adjusted to the body occupy mirror range 1/4.
The right rear-view mirror: the driver's seat on the left, so the grasp of drivers on the right side of the car ear is not so easy, plus the needs of the sometimes-street parking on the right side rearview mirror on the adjustment, under The location of the ground area of accounting for mirror 2/3. Left and right position is the same adjustment to the body 1/4 area can.

Many people think that to eliminate the dead line of sight to the left and right rear-view mirror as much as possible out of tune or go down. And perhaps studies have shown that there are a lot of driving to the central rear-view mirror adjustment in the car all to go in at any time in order to maintain a neat appearance. According to Sanyang Industry Safety Driver Training Centre to get the most effective post-viewing angles, in accordance with the above adjustment is the most correct.
Look back in order to ensure clearance

Normal driving only to roll his eyeballs without back, about you can see 200 degrees in front of the left and right of the range, in other words, there are about 160 degrees is invisible. Rely on three small mirror will be able to cover the remaining 160 degrees, too strong mirror difficult "; In fact the left and right rear-view mirror coupled with the central rearview mirror only to provide an additional approximately 60 degrees of visual range, then the remaining 100 degrees how to do it?

Very simple, go back to it! This is not a joke! Believe in the United States to open car owners all know that driving test in the United States, the actual road test one of the important projects when turning and changing lanes, there is no turning back in order to determine whether to drive. Direction of light car in a lot of people in Taiwan are a dozen left and right rear-view mirror glance, look no car on the bend has passed, often resulting in collisions and side impact.
Of course, in the back to confirm whether the rear side to the car before, have to be safe in the car in front of the case. The moment of action, in most cases will not affect driving safety. Although there are now many new cars are equipped with the rear-view mirror of double curvature, but it is the left and right rear-view mirror perspective range and then increase, still not fully cover all the regions.

Another marketing vehicle department row is not difficult to buy a wide-angle lens to dress, this may go further and eliminate some dead ends, but the perspective the broader the scope of the rear-view mirror image, the greater the degree of deformation, while the distance of objects in the mirror the more difficult to handle this is to use wide-angle lens must be faced at the same time, "side effects".