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How to choose the rearview mirror shell?

Views: Update Time: 2014-11-23 00:36:13

At present, types of the rearview mirror shell with paint and metal two categories. In contrast, metal prices far more expensive than paint, but the metal acid rain and weathering resistance and better effect, and durable for longer.

However, metal car rearview mirror shell is divided into many types. According to professional automobile rearview mirror shell of HC said that the market there is cheaper rearview mirror shell is often in the process there are problems, such as electroplating process and sewage treatment and other environmental problems, for instance the QC testing whether standard etc.. So, how should we choose a high quality of the rearview mirror shell?

Recommended products: metal chrome rearview mirror shell.

The brushed metal chrome rear view mirror shell is a born for modification works of art, is the product of high standard set for the owners of the quality of carp. And in the material, it is used in industrial special materials heat resistance, ductility, stability is very good ABS PC. While the brushed metal chrome plating technology is the industry of originality, and is taken by the three international OEM manufacturing process of heavy nickel high standard, can make the rearview mirror shell prominent metal texture is very gorgeous.