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  • 2014-11-23How to choose the rearview mirror shell?

    At present, types of the rearview mirror shell wit

  • 2014-04-19Auto rearview mirror function

    Auto rearview mirror of the industry standard and characteristics car belongs to an important safety piece, the rearview mirror, the appearance of it they have exquisite.

  • 2014-04-19Mirror behind to adjust the knowledge

    A car Mirror behind, each owner one day to see them no less than the 100 back and forth, but asked one simple question: how do you adjust the rearview mirror of the car

  • 2014-04-19Auto side mirror correct adjustment method

    Before adjustment auto side mirror,we must adjust the vehicle seat and steering wheel position,Adjustable seat is the basic principle to sit comfortably, clear vision and a steering wheel using up notes

  • 2014-04-19Automotive mirrors important role in safe driving

    Step 1 to adjust the central rearview mirror. The left and right position to adjust to the left edge of the mirror just cut to the occasion of himself in the mirror image of the right ear

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